Advance SEO Tips For Bloggers in 2020


Hii ! Guys Are You a Blogger. If Yes Then There is a Good News For You. Today I’m Going to Share Some Advance SEO Tips For Blogger. By Applying this Tricks defenately You Can Rank Your Website Easily. So Let’s Begin..

Advance SEO TIPS

Advance SEO Settings For Bloggers
Advance SEO Tips

So Guys I Know You are a Blogger or wants to do blogging then You are here. In This Time. There is Too Much Competition in this Field. So Everyone Needs To Do A Proper SEO to Rank His or her Post On Google. But Without Keyword Reasearch It Will Not Possible to Rank Easily. Try To Find Low Competition Keywords and High Volume. But After Doing This all You Need To Do Something More . Now You All Are ThinKing What is That so Stay Here. Now I’m Going To Explain Step by Step. Let’s Get Started.

  1. At First Before Writing Any Content or Article. Research On Low Competition Keywords that Must Have Medium or High Search Volume. As I already Said it.
  2. Now You Researched a Keyword So Write a Beautiful Article On That Topic. And Try to Customize it Properly . Add Some Images After Explaining Something. And Do On-Page SEO. Write The Words Clearly and Remember That You Don’t Made any Grammatical Mistake.
  3. After Doing Above Things. Now Attach A Beautiful Thumbnail. Basically You Need To Do Everything Properly. Then Publish The Post. Now It’s Time For Magic.
  4. After Publishing the Post Now I Think You Have Atleast 30 Friends Tell Everyone to Search The Link Of Your Post and Stay On the Post For Atleast 2 or 3 Minutes. For Example : Suppose You Wrote a Post of 500 Words then Tell Everyone to Stay On That Page for 3 Minutes. By Doing This Google Believes That You Article Has Content. But Remember This Does Not Proves That You Can Definitely Rank Any Post. You have to Write High Quality Content. You Are Just Telling To Google That Your Post Has Better Content Than Others.
  5. Now After Doing Above Things Make A High Quality Backlinks. This Doesn’t Meant That You Have to Create Unlimited Backlinks. You Just Need To Create Only 2 Or 5 Backlinks From High Authority Sites. If You Created 4 backlinks From the DA OF 50 Or 60 Then It Will Equals to 20 Medium Quality Backlinks. And Keep in Mind The Backlinks Should be Do-Follow and Don’t Focus on Only Backlinks. It not More Important. It is Just a Part of SEO.
  6. Share Your Post on Debating Sites. Means Question-Answering Sites like Quora etc and Answer the Question Related To Your Content and Drop The Link of Your Post. But You Have to Show that You are Not Just Inserting the Links. It Will Must Matches To Your Content.
  7. Wait For Some Days. Sometimes It takes Longer but If Your Post have Power then It Will RANK Soon.
  8. And The Most Important Thing : Don’t Share Your Post to Anywhere Just Post on High Authority Platforms and on Clear Place. It Means Post Where Everything is Beautiful.
  9. That’s My Experience. Basically I Follows Above Rules and My Many Post is Ranking on Google. But Everything is Based on Niche or Micro- Niche. So I cannot Say With Public.

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Final Words:

Guys I have Shared Everything With You. You Need To Follow the Above Rules. But Keep in Mind The Main Factor is to Find Proper Keyword that Has High Volume and Low Competition. And Patience is Very Important. If You Do the Things Properly. The Result Will Come Awesome. So This is My Experience . I will See You On Next Article. Byee Byee



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